CB RADIO BOOTHS / Mass Communications Project by Dawn DeDeaux, 1975-76


CB RADIO BOOTHS is one of DeDeaux's earliest  public works presented in 1975.   This conceptual communication project was sponsored by AT&T providing nine outdoor stainless steel telephone housing units that were transformed into portable CB Radio Booths  for multiple installations throughout south Louisiana.   After obtaining a special license from the FCC for a designated communications channel, these roving booths placed in varied locations were linked to a control station atop a New Orleans downtown high-rise building.

"At the time I was extremely optimistic about the benefits of mass communications,  in a way that people may now be enthusiastic about the freedom and possibilities presented by the worldwide Internet. "

The installations continued for several months throughout a 300 mile radius linking a diverse public.  The project culminated with an exhibition of a few booths at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Well over 1000 people attended the opening night event, bringing together the varied demographic of participants to meet one another face to face.

Contemporary Arts Center Co-Founders -
Dawn DeDeaux CB Radio Transport VAN with the late Chappy Hardy, Jeanette Gottlieb Hardy and Luba Glade