Dawn DeDeaux is founder and artistic director of Camp Abundance Bee Farm in New Orleans - a residency and special event compound for artists, writers and filmmakers.  Camp Abundance is also the annual host of DeltaWorkers, a European residency program funded by The Mondriaan Fund of The Netherlands and for visiting artists producing works for Prospect New Orleans. Camp non-profit programming managed by fiscal agent National Performance / Visual Arts Network.


Maaike Gouwenberg / DeltaWorker
Joris Lindhout / DeltaWorker
Sophie Lvoff / Visiting Artist
Conor McBride / Visiting Film Editor
Jane Cassidy / Visiting Artist
Jacob Dwyer / DeltaWorker
Otabenga Jones Collective / Prospect.4
Jamar Cyrus / Prospect.4
Dawolu Jabari Anderson / Prospect.4​​
​Léa Triboulet / DeltaWorker
​Toon Fibbe / DeltaWorker
​Ben Soilee / Visiting Musician
Lonnie Holley / Visiting Artist
Eric Giraudet de Boudemange / DeltaWorker
​Maarten Vanden Eynde / DeltaWorker
Martha Colburn / DeltaWorker
​Olivier Willemsen / DeltaWorker
​Oliver Bulas / DeltaWorker
​Christina Gruber / DeltaWorker
​Jan van Tienen/ DeltaWorker
​Janna Graham / DeltaWorker
Lindsay Barfield / Visiting Preparator
Lala Rascic / Visiting Artist
Timothy Weeks / Visiting Writer
Keith Sonnier / Visiting Artist
Siri Borge / DeltaWorker
Elfie Tromp / DeltaWorker
Giovanni Giaretta / DeltaWorker
Jeff Whetstone / Prospect.4
Derrick Adams / Prospect.4
Michael Chuapoco / Prospect.4
Diego Cortez / Visiting Curator
Pinkney Herbert / Visiting Artist
Saiya Miller / DeltaWorker
Roger Green / Visiting Art Historian
​Maggie McWilliams / DeltaWorker
Dave Greber / Visiting Artist 
David Buckingham / Visiting Artist
Honorary Camp Members
Erik Kiesewetter 
Manon Bellet 
Brooke Pickett
Elizabeth Shannon
Bill Fagaly
Paul Costello
Sara Costello
Chris Herbeck
John Hatch
Andrew Freeman

Janice Herbert
Yorke Lawson
Gary Craddock
Rueben Craddock
Captain Frank Landry
TS O'Grady

Camp Benefactors
Sharon Litwin
Bernadette Murray
 John Abajain  
Scott Simmons
Lyn and John Fischbach
Wayne Amedee
Wayne Troyer
Loyola University
Jenny Baldwin 
Camp Leaders  
Director of Entertainment / Tim Weeks  
Camp Facility Manager / Chris Herbeck  
Lawn Maintenance / Frank Landry
Mother Superior / Dawn DeDeaux